Who among you knows


Who among you knows
How to make a sad woman laugh!
once she borrowed her heart
To her widow neighbor
To make you cry better
At her husband’s grave.
And once he paid it to a woman
Betrayed by her boyfriend
A young man stole it two days ago
Passed by on a bike
His mother advised him not to return without a sad heart.
Give her back the cop and alert her
Not to carry something so precious with her!
Precious ! I was thinking
If I were to put it up for sale:
sad heart for sale .. Who’s buying?
Everyone asked for its price
her eyes said : look
Her arms: HUGS
Her waist said : dance
Her Mouth : Kiss..
It was woman at this time
Lol like she trying something new.
She left it all behind
People, her heart, her eyes, and her arms
And her waist and mouth
She carried her laughs and relaxed
Looking for her again.

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النائب اللبناني إبراهيم الموسوي في حديث لِمهر:

إذا فكر الاحتلال بحماقة تجاه لبنان فإن المقاومة أعدّت له مالايتخيّله *أكد عضو كتلة الوفاء …

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